Little General full color edition graphic novel by Mark Lerer


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What happens when three eighteen-month-old babies plot, scheme, and intrigue against each other? Funny, sharp, and beautifully rendered in a new full-color edition, Mark Lerer’s satirical graphic novel, based on an inspiration by Andrew Coe, doesn’t simply bemoan the tragedy of all wars– it shows how the damn things get started in the first place.

>> The Little General by Mark Lerer


“Ridiculously fabulous. All the underlying messages are wonderful, especially today. One has to ask, ‘Are all wars caused by adult raging babies?’ A must read for all who see guns and uniforms as glamorous. The Little General may; give them insight into the absurdity of war.” —Barbara Slate; (Barbie, Angel Love, You ; Can Do a Graphic Novel)

“The Little General has it all! War, romance, surrealism–and terrible-two tantrums! Enjoyed it immensely.” —Craig Yoe; (Publisher, Yoe Books, ;Editor, The Unknown Anti-War Comics);

“A charming tale…gentle but not whimsical, politically pointed but not didactic. The real star of the book is Lerer’s appealing lifework. Highly recommended for lovers of humorous political cartooning.—Kent Worcester, (Arguing Comics)