I have been writing about comics since I was fourteen. I’ve contributed to and edited fanzines, put on conventions, curated exhibits at The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art and built a personal library of graphic novels. I bring exceptional writing and editing skills to the task. Here are some samples:

Alice in Comicland Yoe Books


Yoe Books’ Alice in Comicland, a history of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in comics, which I proofread and copy edited along with comics experts Steve Thompson, Peter Sanderson, and others.


Archie Celebration Yoe Books


Yoe Books: Written and copyedited front-matter and other essays for this celebrated publisher of classic comics anthologies. Pictured here: Archie: A Celebration, which heralded a resurgence in popularity of America’s favorite teenager.


Walt Kelly Fairytales


Yoe Books’ Eisner Award Winning Walt Kelly’s Fairy Tales, on which I worked as one of Yoe’s team of copyeditors.

Will Eisner A Retrospective


Will Eisner: A Retrospective: Edited the companion book to the exhibit at The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, 2005.


Jack Kirby Issue 37 TwoMorrows Publishing


The Jack Kirby Collector, Volume 10, No. 37: Authored “Foster, Kirby, and Windsor-Smith: A Celebration of Influences”  (TwoMorrows Publishing, Winter 2003)


The Jack Kirby Collection II


The Jack Kirby Collector, Vol. 9, Issue No. 33: Authored “A Family Reunion,” examining a rare series for which Kirby carried the writing credit as well as that of artist. (TwoMorrows Publishing, November 2001)


The Rumpus: reviews of presentations at the New York Comics and Picture Story Symposium hosted by Ben Katchor at Parsons School of Design.

The New York Comics & Picture-Story Symposium: Gary Panter

The New York Comics & Picture Story Symposium Review: Ten Great Cartoonists You’ve Never Heard Of

The New York Comics & Picture-Story Symposium: Bob Sikoryak on Comics Adaptations